2017 Lecture Series

Klinkhart Hall in December snow, 2020

National Grid Grant Matched!

$100,000 raised in the last two months -- in spite of everything 2020 had to say! ... Read More
Historic photo of Klinkhart Hall with visitors

$20,000 from Adelphi!

What does it take to raise $100,000? It takes people who believe that we need a place to call home for the arts in Sharon Springs! ... Read More
Klinkhart Hall black & white photo

$100,000 Grant from National Grid

A matching grant from the Main Street Revitalization Program ... Read More
Klinkhart Hall exterior view

O’Connor Grant Matched!

Less than four weeks ago we announced that the O'Connor Foundation had awarded us a $50,000 matching grant... Today, we can tell you that we made it! ... Read More
Closeup of red seat with white arm rest

Klinkhart Hall Phase 1 – Updates and Plans

The work plan and budget have been reconfigured to allow for access to, and use of the second floor former Masonic Hall at the conclusion of phase 1 ... Read More
Seats covered in dust

O’Connor Foundation $50,000 Matching Grant

Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc. has received a generous $50,000 grant from the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation ... Read More
Storage space

$720,000 for Klinkhart Hall Arts Center

Phase One has received $720,000 in New York State grants! ... Read More
Klinkhart Hall stage view

Feasibility/Reuse Study

Klinkhart Hall Arts Center received its second Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) ... Read More
Klinkhart Hall interior view

Building Condition Survey

Building Condition Survey completed! The 61-page report contains an historical summary and a thorough survey of the building's condition ... Read More