2017 Lecture Series

Thomas Wiggins, age 17

Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins

The most famous composer to appear at Klinkhart Hall . . . he inspired Dizzy Gillespie, Elton John, and T. Bone Burnett. And now he will inspire you! ... Read More
First strip-Brenda Stasrr

Louisa Klinkhart: Starr Reporter?

Is she the mysterious "Sharon Springs Department" correspondent? ... Read More
Cobleskill Times July 11,1911

The Great Fire at Klinkhart

On Tuesday July 11, 1911, a tragic fire destroyed the first floor of Klinkhart Hall and took the life of Louisa Klinkhart. Here's the full story ... Read More
Klinkhart Hall circa 1885

The Klinkhart Hall Story

The historic Klinkhart Hall building occupies a unique place in the history and culture of Sharon Springs. Like everything else in Sharon Springs, it is a layered, sometimes complicated, history but it always makes for a good story ... Read More