Zara Phillips

appearing with “Muldoon’s Picnic”, September 10, 2022

Born and raised in London, singer-songwriter Zara Phillips began her professional career working as a backing vocalist for Bob Geldof. Live-Aid creator Geldof recruited Phillips for his first solo projects. She toured extensively with Geldof and worked on television and in videos with U.K. artists such as Matt Bianco, Nick Kamen, David Essex, and the solo project from Dire Straits’ John Illsley.

Zara moved to Los Angeles where she continued writing new songs and performing solo. In 2006 she released a CD entitled “When the Rain Stops” produced by Ted Perlman that contained 14 of her original compositions.

In 2008 Zara directed and produced an adoption documentary entitled “ROOTS: UNKNOWN,” about the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families. The film won Best Homegrown Documentary at The Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey.

In addition, Zara is also the author of ‘Mother Me,’ a personal and compelling memoir in which she describes her feelings as an adopted person and explores her relationships with her adoptive and birthmothers.

“Beneath My Fathers’ Sky“, a one-woman show that Zara wrote and performs in, is the winner of Best Direction at the NYC United Solo Festival in 2014 and was also performed in LA, San Francisco, Connecticut, and in London in 2016.

Zara’s most recent book, “Somebody’s Daughter”, was published in 2018.

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