John Cooper

2022 Oscar Wilde Memorial Lecture:
“Oscar Wilde in America”

JOHN COOPER is a historian, consultant, and long-standing member of the Oscar Wilde Society, a founding member of the Oscar Wilde Society of America, and a former manager of the Victorian Society in America. For the last twenty years, he has specialized in Wilde’s 1882 lecture tour, including Wilde’s time in New York which culminated in a guided walking tour.

Online, Cooper is a popular blogger and the creator of the non-commercial archive ‘Oscar Wilde in America’ which incorporates groundbreaking work on the Sarony photographs of Oscar Wilde and a detailed documentary verification of Wilde’s 1882 American lecture tour.

Known for his investigative research, in 2012 Cooper rediscovered Wilde’s lost essay The Philosophy of Dress which forms the centerpiece of Cooper’s book Oscar Wilde On Dress (2013).


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