Who we are

We are the people of Sharon Springs New York and the surrounding communities throughout our region. We are everyone in our communities who believes that the arts can transform the way we think, the way we see our neighbors, and the way we give back to our communities. We are people who support the arts and who wants a place to call home for cultural, civic and public events as a way to bring us all together. We are an all volunteer organization that depends on the good will, energy, and support of a large number of people to stay vital and to carry out our mission.

Board of Directors

The Klinkhart Hall Arts Center board of director is a dedicated group of volunteers with a broad range of experience and expertise relevant to the mission and goals of the organization. Until such time as the organization hires a staff, the board is responsible for carrying out all administrative, organizational, financial, planning and programming activities of the organization. In doing so, they rely on the added expertise and assistance of qualified volunteers and, whenever, necessary, paid consultants.

Contact us if you would like to connect with a board member to discuss the organization, its programming, or ways you can support our efforts to create a home for the arts in Sharon Springs and the surrounding communities.

Drew Taylor, President

Theater professional: manager, actor, writer, director, producer; theater arts educator. Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc. board of directors 2013 to present; president 2014 – 2016, and 2019 to present.

John Townsend, Vice President

Non-profit executive director (retired), New York State Higher Education Initiative, Albany NY. Board of directors 2013 to present; vice president 2017 to present.

Maureen Lodes, 2nd Vice President

Business owner, Cobbler & Company, Sharon Springs, NY. Board of directors 2013 to present; treasurer 2014 to 2019; 2nd vice president 2020.

Denise Kelly, Secretary

Freelance writer/editor; Sharon Springs village trustee 2012 to present; deputy mayor 2017 to present. Board of directors 2017 to present; secretary 2018 to present.

Joseph Trapani, Treasurer

Attorney and publishing executive (retired), Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, New York, NY. Board of directors beginning 2020; treasurer 2020.

Betty Gavin-Singer

Dance professional/business owner (retired), Studio North, Sharon Springs, NY. Board of directors 2016 to present.

Christine Harris

Mortgage banking (retired), freelance writer & photographer; Board of directors 2019 to present; recording secretary 2019 to present.

Douglas Plummer

Business owner, American Hotel Sharon Springs, NY; Sharon Springs Village mayor, 2013 – present. Board of directors 2013 to present.

Garth Roberts

Business owner, American Hotel, Sharon Springs, NY; President and founder, Hero Fund America, Inc, 2014 to present. Board of directors 2013 to present; president 2017 to 2018.


Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc. is incorporated in the state of New York and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Since its formation, it has made all required financial filings with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS 990) and the New York State Attorney General’ Office of Charities (CHAR 500). Copies of these documents (along with the certificate of incorporation, IRS not-for-profit determination letter and other documents) are available online at www.charitiesnys.com. (Search for “Klinkhart Hall” and follow the link to a list of our annual filings.) You can also request information directly from us at Klinkhart Hall Arts Center, Inc., 191 Main Street, P.O. Box 101, Sharon Springs, NY 13459, or from the Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10271.