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“Duopoly” at 204 Main

“Duopoly” at 204 Main

Friday, December 10, 2021 at 204 Main Bar & Bistro
Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday 2021

Mark your calendar and set your alarm: November 30, 2021 is #GivingTuesday!

While we wait . . .

Like everyone, everywhere, Klinkhart Hall is rethinking how it does things in the time of a pandemic. There is nothing like gathering in person for a concert, play, or performance. Listening to the buzz of the audience before the show begins, gossiping with neighbors while you wait, meeting people you haven’t seen in a while during the intermission. Laughing, crying, being overwhelmed by emotion, beauty, joy. Being entertained. Having a good time with friends, family and neighbors. In normal times, this is what we do.

These times will return, but for now we have to find another way forward. That’s why we started working with our creative partners at Clausen Farm to explore live streaming some events while we wait.

We began with a series of lived streamed events (along with some distanced, live events) for the residents of the Arkell Center in Canajoharie, after their regular schedule of live entertainment was cancelled when the pandemic began. (You can see a couple of our live streams here on the website.)

It was a small scale effort with an out-sized reception. And it convinced us that, while we wait, we can do more. The 2020 Poetry Festival will be online only, again with the help of Clausen Farm, and it is likely we will move the Klinkhart Conversations online for a while. Online is not the same as live, in person – and we are all zoomed out these days – but it is great while we wait! We look forward to seeing you again — in person — in the not too distant future.

So far, these virtual events have all been free, but of course they are not cost free to produce. Fundraising in a pandemic is not easy, and for good reason: there are many more pressing needs in our communities at the moment, and we are all doing what we can, when we can. But if, for you, that includes being able to support our programming efforts, or the building restoration project, we are of course grateful!

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